Fail of today

Still studying, but I brought you the fail for today.
Look a little closer @ 0.30m

Some funny videos

Hey guys,
I have so much to do for maths. Studying the whole day, getting ready for my exam.
It's kind of boring but I found a video that allways cracks me up and puts me magically in a good mood.
Post your reaction :)

Hey guys,
it's time for some new tunes. These are some of my favourites at the moments.
Hope you like them.

Hey guys,
I promised you to post my workout routine recently and here it is. I think it's nice for beginners, since you learn the correct form on the big and important compound lifts. But it's also for advanced lifters that already know what's up. There are some isolation lifts, you can't avoid them, but mostly my workouts consists of the most complex and best compound lifts like deadlifts, benchpress, squats, military presses and dips. These exercises strain a lot musclegroups at the same time and with some isolation's to balance it out, I think it's a pretty solid workout. I don't expect to become as strong as Ronny Coleman and since I'm on a kcal deficit, I don't think I get that much stronger, but it should help a lot. I'll of cause keep track of strength gains (or losses :P).

Back & Biceps

- 3 sets Deadlifts
- 3 sets T-bar rows
- 3 sets Barbell Bent Over Rows

- 3 sets Barbell Curls
- 3 sets 21′s

Chest & Triceps

- 3 sets Barbell Bench press
- 3 sets Incline Dumbbell press
- 3 sets Incline flies
- 3 sets chest dips

- 3 sets skullcrushers supersetted with close-grip bench press
- 3 sets pulldowns

Legs & Shoulders

- 3 sets squats 8-10 reps
- 3 sets leg press
- 3 sets leg extensions
- 3 sets leg curls

- 3 sets military press supersetted
- 3 sets upright rows
- 3 sets lateral raises

At the end I want to show you a really fascinating video that cought my eye. Hope you like it.

Update #1

Hey guys,
it's been a week since I really started this blog, my workout routine and a healthy diet. Many things changed like my blogdesign and my haircut. Maybe I'll show you before/after pictures, not decided yet.
I also worked hard the last week, never skipped a workout and ate clean for 90 percent of the time. Just ate once like 2 slices of pizza. But then again not because I wanted it so bad, but because I was being nice and wanted to give nice company (sounds retarded I know, but it helped me not to feel too uncomfortable).
I also weighed myself and the number 260lbs was showing on the display. At a startingweight of 264lbs this makes a 4lbs weightloss in the first week. I think it's okay. Since I never like struggled with motivation going to the gym or eat the right stuff, it feels like I can do this as long as I didn't reached my desired weight of 180lbs and I'm happy with it.
My diet is basically chickenbreast, tuna, eggs, broccoli, apples, cottage cheese and water. Alot of water. Once in a while I also eat a cheatmeal like pizza or a piece of chocolate, but not to often. I eat every day the same stuff, in the same order, at the same times. It's quite boring, but at this stage of my life, with that goal in mind, I stopped caring for good tasting or varied meals. My day is like that:

7AM : 3 scrambled eggs, cup of coffee, 1 apple
12AM : Tunasalat
3PM : Workout
5PM : 200g grilled chickenbreast with broccoli
8PM : 200g cottage cheese
12PM : sleep

That makes a total kcal income of about 1600kcal witch is kind of low, but as long as I have no problems with it and don't struggle, I think I'll be fine.
The workouts I'm doing, will be posted tomorrow. I feel like they deserve an own entry.
And a last thing I wanted to talk to you is, what do you guys think about my new blog style. Do you like it, hate it, whats good, whats bad, whats missing?
Please let me know. Every comment appreciated.

Intresting video for today is this amazing parcour guy. Mad skills he got there.

Big update on monday

Hey guys,
I originally planned to post a big update, with all the necessary stats about weight, strength, cardio numbers and so on, on every sunday. Unfortunately I was really busy this weekend and miscalculated my time, so that this time the updatepost will be posted on monday.
It won't happen again, I promise :)
At least I found a very intresting clip, that will give you a good time watching.
It looks so fascinating and like a lot of fun. Would love to try the basejumps or parachutejumps.
Did you guys tried somethink similar? Let me know in the comments below.

Celebrate good times

Hey guys,
I cant belive I reached the tripple digit follwers mark after that little time. I thank everyone of you for your encouragement, all the nice comment and the motivation you give me.
At first I wasn't sure, if that whole weightlosing stuff was a good idea to write about. But after all the nice feedback I got from you guys, I'm glad that I made this blog.
I can only hope that you stay that intrested in my progression and continue to share the passion for blogging with me.
At last I want to share a nice tune with you, wich I found yesterday and wish all of you a lovley weekend.

Weigh In and cardio session

Hey guys,
I was at the gym today and weight myself to determin the startweight and I have to admit it was more than i expected. It showed 264 lbs. Wow, i was shoked but seeing such a big number, makes me even more determined to lose all the redundant fat.
I stepped on the treadmill and ran for an hour. Felt really good, especially when I was finished haha. I was surprised, that I could run 6 miles in this one hour cardio session.
Here is a picture of my starting body:
I have a long way to go, but I am convinced that at september 1th, I will have reached my goal of 180lbs, so I can live a healthy and confident lifestyle again, like before I got that fat. You are invited to follow my transformation.

Some nice tunes

Hey guys,
just wanted to share some really nice tunes I came across recently.
What are you favourite songs at the moment? Post them in the comments.

Getting started

It's been a while since my last post, but i had so much stuff to get done. Now I want to start blogging about my transformation, about nice products i find or just about random stuff on a more freqeuent level. I try to post like once per day. That beeing said, I finally subscribed to a gym 5mins away from my place and created a training routine that I like a lot. It's basicly alternating between lifting weights and cardio. The explicit workouts will be 
posted in the next few days. I will train until summer comes like that:

Mon: Back & Biceps
Tue: cardio
Wed: Chest & Triceps
Thur: cardio
Fri: cardio
Sat: Legs & Shoulders
Sun: off

That's it for now, see you at the gym :P

Wish me luck

Hey guys,
first I would like to welcome you to my blog and hope you will have fun reading in it.
I am a german student that has about 80 pounds to much weight and want to change that.
I created this blog to monitor my weightloss, motivate me and maybee some of you.
I am about 5"11 and weight 260 lbs. I know it's going to be realy hard but I think I can do it.
You can expect at least weekly updates with pictures of my progress, but also random stuff.
I will post my diet- and workout plan, wich I will follow for at least the first month, in a later post.
It's basicly running and veggies, but whatever :P